Animals Marks & Badges
Have you wondered about the meaning of different flowers? Of course they are not arbitrary. Have ...
Laf&Co Logo design
nyMusikk — Identity
Hare Logo Concept by Sean Farrell
Cat and Dog Logo Design
Circled the H
Royal logo design
Lazy g Logo design
Smiling Dog by Evgeny Petlev
Negative Space Dog & Cat by Alfrey Davilla
WM by Ade Imronn
CD Monogram by Aditya Chhatrala
Lion Mark by Luky Triohandoko
Logo Animation – LSTN Podcast App
Fox Logo design
Healthy meals logo idea design
Raccaro’s Barber – Visual ID
VC by Kakha Kakhadzen
One Tail of a Whale by Scott Lewis
Whale and Moon by Turgay Mutlay
Firefly logo Design by Kevin van Eijk
SEA FOOD Restaurants
Negative space “G + S”
MB Monogram
Logo Design Bundle
Running Mark by Nicolas Loureiro
P Logo Concept – from “Paper Plane”
Feminine Logo templates
Broodjevaneigendeeg by Jeroen van Eerden
Royal Pet Care by Janis Ancitis
Owl Cycle by Shibu PG
Evette Berway Identity by Ashwin Kandan
Pashion Branding by Ashwin Kandan
Pashion Branding by Ashwin Kandan
NRV Table of Contents by Ashwin ‘Shwin’ Kandan
Gdynia Design Days logo
Korner Business Cards in a raw.
Korner Business Cards in vertical position.
Korner Logotype and mark / symbol structure.
Korner Logotype Wordmark on light background.
Korner Logo Wordmark by Matis Branding ( Algirdas Matijosaitis )
Bird Drawing by Shayle Flesser
Wood Logo by Hannes Wizany
Wild Lines : Animal Logos
Decibel logo design
Playful Logo Animation by Pasha
UP + Play + Rocket by TIE A TIE by Aiste
Tub Wordmark
BEE x CAST by NewDay
K x & monogram by NewDay
Two Elephants Logo
Church Logo by Ryan DePaola
Skulltress for lady Vanessa
Nick Geralys
The Beauty of Every Woman
Deer logo design made