Wholesale and Bulk Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs and Accessories

Check this Entrepreneur Box A – 44 Piece Kit [SS41] that has Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs, and Accessories. It will make you $1220 of pure profit from a $799.95 purchase and is perfect for stores and entrepreneurs.

Wholesale Package Description:

If you sell 2 Bongs from this package, that’s already almost enough to get back your initial investment, and that’s just 2 out of the 44 pieces in this package! Adding this box to your business is a no brainer!
What’s Included:
· (10x) 3.5” Spoon Pipes: Retail $100 Total
· (10x) American-Made Luxury Pipes: Retail $250 Total
· (8x) 4.5″ Medium Hand Crafted Pipes: Retail $150 Total
· (2x) Small Signature Bongs or Dab Rigs (comes with bowls): Retail $90 Total
· (2x) Medium Sized Bongs or Dab Rigs (comes with bowls): $130 Total
· (6x) Fancy Variety 14-18 mm Quartz Bangers (complete with dab rig): Retail $100 Total
· (4x) Large Bongs or Dab rigs (come with 14 or 18 mm male or female bowls): Retail $600 Total
· (2x) Massive Bongs or Dab rigs (come with bowls): Retail $600 Total
Retail Value: Over $2020
Your Price: $799.95

Where to sell? Depending on your state and local permit laws, these are some ideas for selling your products:
· Festivals, fairs, and concerts
· Peers, friends, word of mouth (EASIEST method…Everyone needs Glass)
· Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc.
Remember, all you have to do is sell the Dab rig that comes in the Package, and that is enough to reclaim most of your Collateral, leaving 19 items for you to profit on.
Our Credentials:
· -We Provide Inventory for 250+ stores in United States and in Canada
· -We were #1 in Glass pipes and water pipes on Amazon for 3 years
· -We have provided over 200 side gigs for hungry entrepreneurs all around the country (since September, 2018).

Luxeproductsusa.com sells a wide variety of bongs, water glass pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, herbal grinders, etc. and the related smoking accessories in wholesale bongs and bulk water glass pipe packages.