Premiere Ambassador’s Package: 130+ Pieces

Premiere Ambassador’s Package: (130+ Pieces)
Wholesale and Bulk Glass Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs and Accessories

Check this Premiere Ambassador’s Package of 130+ Pieces that have Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs, and Accessories. It will make you $2754 of pure profit from a $1195.95 spending. It is perfect for stores and entrepreneurs.

Wholesale Package Description:

Heres a breakdown of the package:
· -(12) 5”-7” American-blown Luxury Pipes: ($40 MSRP each on Avg.) $9 Each
· -(12) 6”-10“ Dab Rigs/Bongs: ($65 MSRP each on Avg.) $17.50 Each (average price) (comes with (12) Quartz bangers as well)
· -(10) 14mm Quartz Bangers (male and female – depending on need of the specific dab rig that it matches with): ($10 MSRP each) $2.50 Each
· -(5) Luxury Carb Caps for QB: ($22 MSRP each) $5.00 Each
· -(5) Luxury Glass Dabbers for Dab rigs: ($22 MSRP each) $7 each
$1580 Retail Value
· -(15) Medium Pipes (combo of 4″-5″) ($20 MSRP each on Avg.) $5.50 Each
· -(10) 3.5″ Heavy pipes ($14 MSRP each) $3.75 Each
· -(20) 3″ Mini Pipes ($5 MSRP each) $1.00 Each
$540 Retail Value
· -(10) 6″-7” Mini Bongs with Slide out: ($22 MSRP each) $5 Each
· -(5) 6″-7″ Fancy Medium Upright/Hammer Bubbler: ($30 MSRP each) $9 Each
· -(10) 4.5″ Heavy Duty Silicone Pipes: ($18 MSRP each) $5.50 Each
$550 Retail Value
· -(10) Large Dab Trays: ($22 MSRP each) $5.50 Each
· -(5) 3” Large Steel 4 piece Grinders: ($25 MSRP each) $5 Each
$345 Retail Value
· -(2) 14-“16” Luxury Extra Large Water Pipe Bongs ($220 MSRP each) $85 Each
· -(1) Massive 18″-21” Super Heavy Water Pipe Bong ($350 MSRP each) $120 Each
· -(2) Fancy Random Bongs/Dab Rigs: ($75 MSRP) $23 Each
$940 Retail Value

Your Cost: $1295.95
(we knocked a few dollars off, too)
This package is perfect for stores who want a variety of retail, specifically picked by us to ensure that you fill some of your shelves with diversity, so that you sell out.
We change things up depending on the market, kind of like a seasonal menu at a restaurant. This is one of our top 3 best-selling packages. The value is shown above.
You know what sucks about buying wholesale packages for your smoke shop or online store? The ample amount of time it takes to choose what you need, to calculate your profit forecasts and margins,, and to make sure you’re making the correct choices on your inventory selection for your store(s).
So what we’ve done to make the purchasing process for stores and businesses less “sucky,” is to create these premium packages for businesses that do all the work for you!
We designate all the most popular and highest selling items in the glass pipe industry, and mash them all into packages that you can simply purchase, and stock onto your shelves without doing any work or spending any time on inventory selection.
We even forecast and calculate your profits for you, so you know what to expect from the package. It doesn’t get easier and more efficient than that my friends! We’re here for the bottom line, for you to make money, and to have relevant and high demand glass in your store at all times.
All our Luxury Glass Pipes are made in the USA, in which we are the first glass company to have that available. Our dab rig package are also something that a lot of stores depend on for half of their gross sales.
If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via text, in which we will then call you back: (571) 463-0442 sells a wide variety of bongs, water glass pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, herbal grinders, etc. and the related smoking accessories in wholesale bongs and bulk water glass pipe packages.