AMERICAN MADE Wholesale Glass Pipes Package LUXURY EDITION

AMERICAN MADE Wholesale Glass Pipes Package LUXURY EDITION
Wholesale Pipes, Bongs, Bubblers, Rigs, and Accessories

Check Luxury Edition of AMERICAN MADE Wholesale Glass Pipes Package that will make $99.95 pure profit from a $50 spending.

Wholesale Package Description:

The Variety Pipe Pack comes with beautiful and unique AMERICAN BLOWN Glass Pipes. These Handcrafted spoon pipes are of the highest quality and handmade by the best glass craftsmen in Richmond, VA.
MSRP Price Range:
MIN = $25 if you’re giving things away… DO NOT SELL FOR THIS CHEAP
AVG= $35… These are American Blown Hand Pipes, DO NOT sell them for less than $30 per unit!! Aim to sell them for $40 per unit… They’re American blown! Not Cheap!
MAX = $50 (we sell these on Etsy for $50-$60, and they sell A LOT…)
Whether you want to stock up on gifts for friends, add to your own collection, or own a store and want them to fly off the shelves, this Variety Package is an amazing deal and one of a kind addition! And not to mention, American Made Glass pipes are the highest quality, and offer your customers a domestic alternative.
Purchase with confidence. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions; Cheers! sells a wide variety of bongs, water glass pipes, dab rigs, bubblers, herbal grinders, etc. and the related smoking accessories in wholesale glass water pipes and bongs packages.