Grand Pic Cottage Hidden in the Forest of Quebec
Canopy House by Thellend Fortin Architects
Concrete Summer House in Costa Esmeralda, Argentina
Eco-Friendly Hotel Designed for Trekking Lover
Simple Geometry Shines in Modern Minimalist Home in Israel
A Galilee House Integrated into the Pastoral Surroundings
An Old Stable Converted into Two Contemporary Guesthouses
Cache Creek House by Carney Logan Burke Architects
Alphington Townhouses by Green Sheep Collective
Two-Way House in San Francisco / Studio Sarah Willmer Architecture
Malvern House: Addition and Renovation to an Edwardian Style House
California Beach House Remodeled and Extended by Mayes Office
Remarkable Passive Solar Home Balances Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
The Commons by Breathe Architecture
Capitol Hill Loft Remodeled by SHED Architecture & Design
Modern Coastal House Nestled in the Lush Australian Rainforest
Rammed Earth House Connected to the Mountainous Landscape of Cardrona Valley, New Zealand
S Residence: Comfortable, Efficient and Practical Indonesian Home
Intriguing Geometric Home with a Forest Panorama in Virginia
Grasmere House in Melbourne by Bryant Alsop
Mixed-Use Building in Strasbourg by Dominique Coulon & Associés
Blacksmith Workshop Turned into a Family Home in Badalona, Spain
Modern Sustainable Home Set in the Middle of the Forest
Stunning Stone House in Switzerland Unveils Modern Interiors
Montreal Duplex House Gets Contemporary Upgrade
Modern Duplex House Features a Minimalist and Balanced Architecture
Smoky Quartz House by KUBE Architecture
Victorian Family House in London Gets Fresh Redesign
Reconstruction of Family House Originally Built in 70’s in Porto, Portugal
Impressive Extension to a Three Bedroom Private Residence in Melbourne
One Level Concrete House Providing Spaces for Leisure and Socializing
Contemporary Industrial House Features an Expressive Interior of Raw Steel
Victorian House Renovated in South London for a Young Family
Brutalist-Inspired Concrete House in Sao Paulo by UNA Arquitetos
Black Box House in Montreal by Natalie Dionne Architecture
Concrete Weekend Retreat in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Modern Glamour Was the Brief Given for the Interior Design of This Warehouse
Low-Maintenance and Modern Version of a Traditional Seattle House
Villa Chameleon Features Breathtaking Views in the Balinese Jungle
Contemporary Box-Shaped Extension for a Bungalow Home in Maryland
Trousdale House: Complete Renovation and Addition to the Existing Home
Haus am Wald Residence in Stuttgart / Alexander Brenner Architects
Modern Montauk House by Bates Masi Architects
Oceanside House in Breezy Point, New York / BFDO Architects
Glide House: Sun-Filled Creative Home by Ben Callery Architects
Smart House by Green Sheep Collective
Lakemoore Residence: Updating a Traditional Farmhouse Frame in Austin, Texas
Beautiful Portuguese House Balances Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
Autohaus Residence and Car Collectors’ Garage in Central Texas
Suspended Patio House by 3322 Studio / Tel Aviv
Industrial-Style House in Auckland Exhibiting a Clean and Elegant Design
Introverted House: Isolation and Privacy are the Ingredients of this Residential Project
Tree House Hotel in China – Qiyunshan by Bengo Studio
Mohican Hills House by Robert M. Gurney / Maryland
Narrow Beach House in Sydney by Marston Architects
Old Brick House Replaced by a New Sustainable Timber House in Amsterdam
Stylish Open-Plan House Inspiring Freedom and Serenity in Mexico
Ceres House Inspired by American Ranch Style Architecture
Modern Vertical Home Maximizes Light and Space in Nha Trang, Vietnam
Small Coastal Cabin Located Near the Wild Coastline of the Tasman Sea