Application for booking hotel
Rise food blog
Celebrating Trix Barmettler, Swiss Designer and Artist in Denial
Making (Series) Australia, 2013
Words of Inspiration by Studio Ianus
Digital Sketch
“Lost In Thoughts”
Music Festival 5th edition, Shanghai
Very Original Curriculums to Inspire you to do yours
Out of Balance – Critique of the Present: Colloquium
The Blot by Jonathan Lethem; design by Gray318 (Jonathan Cape / February 2017)
eCommerce isometric illustration
Joi from Blade Runner 2049 (rough)
The Karate Kid by Eddie Alvarez
“Beyond Life” by DEMORIE
20th Cult Film Festival
“The Lines Between Us”
Sports Magazine, Aug. 7, 2015
Pulp Fiction Poster Design
BEYOND Poster design
Being Jeff Goldblum by Austin James
IBEX – Logo Design
Posters_ Music Festival “Kharkiv ASSEMBLIES”
Emanuel Cohen: Canadian graphic designer
From Nothing Comes A King by Stefan Katanic
Daniela Mercury, Tiê and Valesca Popozuda
Focus Fastback Drive
Prometheus – Cia Balagan – Posters
“Iron Giant” by DEMORIE
Golife by Sencer
What Is The Golden Ratio? What You Need to Know and How To Use It
Function Forty – FAKE 82
Mostra Sesc Jodorowsky
Typographic drop-down |  FELICIDAD – Fans of 1st
Design Embraced – Anthony Goodwin
50th Anniversary Logo
Self Preservation
Music Festival
The Seventh Obsession (Paris, France)
Josie Magazine — Magazine design, 2014
World’s Strangest Sushi Chef – Digital Concept Art, Poster Art, Illustration, Art id ...
The Song and the Silence by Yvetter Johnson
haco. no43
Branding Neyma
works by Quim Marin
Digital Art – “Misha Hart – Portrait Study”. Digital Watercolor Artwork. Portrait Artworks ...
Digital Art – “Inner Storm”. Digital Watercolor Artwork. Portrait Artworks. Illustration
Studio Vie Poster Design
USA ’76: The First Two Hundred Years – book cover
Funky Monks Special Edition III
Cover Story: Tyler, The Creator
Digital Art – “Keepsake”. Digital Watercolor Artwork. Portrait Artworks. Illustration
Ghost in the Shell
Projeto desenvolvido para ATI – Agência Estadual de Tecnologia da Informação, Pernambuco & ...
album cover // carla valenti
Knit Wit: A New Magazine About A Timeless Craft
Node | Magazine Cover by Abby Chen