BOWIE – Dream Gigs illustrated

“Dream Gigs Illustrated” Dream Gigs Illustrated is a series of gig posters. Imaginary gigs that never happened, missed gigs because of time and place, gigs that are experienced first hand and have left their mark… It is up to the artist to decide. It can be a poster for David Bowie’s gig on Mars or Metallica’s gig at İnönü Stadium. Depeche Mode can play at the Maiden’s Tower, Zeki Müren and Morrissey can share the same stage, Nirvana can come to Karga, Tuğçe San can go to Haçienda, DANdadaDAN can book Wembley. The first Sex Pistols gig in Manchester or Johnny Cash’s San Quentin gig can have new posters. The possibilities are endless.