The White Terror Green Island Memorial Park has its special status and significance in the history of human rights development in Taiwan. It is also an important human rights historical field and historical and cultural assets. Since May 17, 1951, the first large-scale political victims have been moved. Supervised to the new training department, until 1987, the Ministry of National Defense Green Island Sensing Prison was abolished, and the political victims were imprisoned for 37 years. The government preserved the New Training Division and the Ministry of National Defense Green Island Training Prison, reminding the world Adhere to the dignity of human nature and the value of freedom, and actively pay attention to the promotion of contemporary multi-human rights issues. In this case, in conjunction with the establishment of the National Human Rights Museum, the human rights art series will be carried out. It is planned to continue and inherit the historical memory of white horror through photography collection, art market, art performance activities and political victims’ live descriptions. The victims of the political and family spirits also convey to the younger generation the spirit of the predecessors who are brave in pursuing their ideals and encourage people to cherish the hard-won democracy, freedom and human rights. With the “White Terror Green Island Memorial Park” as the main axis, the works show human rights. Handling the Collection of Human Rights Photography, expressing respect for human rights and encouraging the public to understand human rights-related issues. Invite different generations to create a new page for human rights and democratic inheritance, and pass on historical memory through artistic and artistic performances and multiple dialogues. The organizer of this event is the National Human Rights Museum.