Benoit Leray left Rennes in 2015 and left also the house of 126. This is an opportunity for him to do a “goodbye show” at the gallery by offering “The Cyclops Gardeners”

articulated around the illustration , his work applies to revealing and putting a scene a fantastic universe populated by very varied creatures. Inspired by ancient mythologies, cryptozoology, science fiction, astronomy, the colors that “suck well” and the motives galore, it is therefore on cyclops that his attention is at this moment …

“The children of a distant world, the Cyclops Gardeners, a generation of Cyclopes still unknown, like fantastic creatures, are the builders and guardians of a mysterious Garden.
Some of these monocular giants will be present at this exhibition. ”

Benoit therefore plans to become Brussels and it is Toto Delahaye already part-time roommate who moves to the house! So many reasons to come for a drink this Friday, December 5th. No after this time, anyway it’s a busy weekend with the Transmusicales!