PUBG.OP.GG has been open! PUBG.OP.GG is a stats site for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds created by op.gg who is known for League of Legends stats. This screen is the profile page of a player.

There are 3 cards on the top section of the profile page; tiers (letter grades are created by us with our own standards) and ratings on Solo, Duo and Squad game modes are the most important indicators when evaluating players’ performance. We’ve organized and designed stats ordered by information priority that users can see main stats like K/D and damage first and then go through with sub stats.

Under the game modes, there are history of game logs with ranks for each game. Each game mode has its own color and icon that help users to distinguish each log. Each log provides rank information that is the key indicator of a game result, team members and the rating change.

On the left side, there is a pie chart that shows the game mode ratio for the last 20 games. Under the pie chart, a simple heat map displays an average rank that users can see visually how good they are these days.