iPad Application for Electronics E-commerce Store

Hello folks!

Check out a new iPad application we‘ve been working on here at Zajno for a new electronics e-commerce store. What you see above is the app headphones section and a product profile screen.

Creating a user-friendly iPad application where a user could easily and quickly purchase electronics, suggested based on customer profiling system that is WIP. Creating a single product profile screen for facilitating sale completions.

We opted for the product list view on the main screen to show more products while sharing the most relevant descriptors. However, we also account for the products to be displayed in a different format, so we keep that option open for slightly better customization. We added options to sort, filter and categorize items to optimize the search results. We utilize contrast as the main facilitator of focusing on the content, and allow for identifying the main CTA quickly. This approach works best when the content is curated.

We ended up with a clean app design that is aimed at: 1. Utilizing user profiling to be able to offer the products based on their actual needs and expectations; 2. Facilitating the sales process by clearly distinguishing elements that are supposed to drive sales, such as the product itself for emotional engagement, as well as clearly distinguishable CTA.

What do you think?