Reimagining the About Us Page Design

Hey dudes!

Here at Zajno we never stop experimenting. This time we are rethinking the way we can present our team in “About Us” page of our new website we’re working on. This is a v.1 page hero shot where we included a video of our team member @Sofy Dubinska.

The idea was to come up with something informal that would reflect our team’s spirit so that you can get to know us better.

The thing is, here at Zajno we are not just co-workers, we are friends and family, and we love spending time together. The best way to convey this idea is by showing you the video where we’re having a blast on holiday together. Check out the full video here, it was fun.

We came up with a fresh design of the page where we tell about us and a rad video that speaks for itself. That’s only V.1. of the page that may and may not be just what we’re looking for. This is just the first step though.

We’ll appreciate some feedback from you, guys!