Kaleth House / Di Frenna Arquitectos

Facing nature and framed by a vast vegetation of primaveras, parotas and papelillos, a terrain with two clearly marked axes that open in a trapezoid-shaped way, is displayed. With 12 meters on the front and an opening for up to 50 meters in the back, the proposal should solve the complexity of the lot, which arises the concept that projected Casa Kaleth. The design exposes a discreet front facade. In it, the variety of proposed and perfectly combined textures start to show up. A concrete “L” is placed and opposed over a permeable wood and crystal entrance, followed by a solid stone volume. The designed language in the back facade was directed to the contrary, where the answer was an invasion that collided with imposing and geometric bodies, which channel the user’s view to the landscape, creating a “telescope” effect in the phenomenology that is experienced when touring the house.