CHAN YUN TEA | Packaging Design for Cicada Yun Tea Series

The land of Taitung has always been particularly emotional for this studio. For the cases that can be undertaken in Taitung, it has always been upholding the core of breakthrough, upgrading and growth in every project. The packaging of Cicada Yun Tea Taitung Organic Good Tea has been recreated to escape from the established visual impression of Taitung’s already famous red oolong. Taiwan’s original good tea can also have the high-quality texture of high-quality afternoon tea and enjoy a sip of calm tea. As if the fragrance of tea was wafting everywhere under the spacious eastern blue sky. In the design idea, I hope that drinking tea can be like reading a classic book. Drinking tea seems tedious, but with time, a different flavor will flow in the mouth every second. Packaging design, gift box design, printing process, post-stamping processing