Call for tenders – La Comédie de Valence (proposal not retained) In order to signify the will of the Comédie, and its new director Marc Lainé, to be a major place for transdisciplinary artistic creation, crossing several and various disciplines, the choice of polygon for the logotype seemed to be relevant. Indeed, this figure visually induces this idea of ​​plurality, while being a “stable” figure, making the Comedy a place both anchored and at the same time open, a polymorphous and attractive place. The polygon is moreover representative of the increasingly dense public and of multiple horizons, sporadically or usually alongside the Comedy. It is possible to make this form a fun and / or interactive element for the viewer (flyers, website, etc.), to invite him to integrate fully into the dynamics, the life of the Comedy. The choice of a bright and daring color also marks the turning point that the Comédie de Valence takes with the