DROPS | Sleep drops

This is a school project from my Package Design course at college. Our final task was to design a package for a cosmetic or pharmaceutical product. I decided to go with a pharmaceutical product, since because I have trouble falling asleep, the first product that came to my mind were my sleeping drops – a plant-based solution – Tincture Valeriana. We were supposed to have a series of 3 different products, so besides my main plant solution – Tinctura Valerianae, I decided that the other 2 would be other famous mixtures of plant tinctures made to help people sleep better: Tinctura Nervina and Tinctura Insomnia. I gave each of them a special name regardless of their strength in relaxation and their use: Restless for Tinctura Valerianae, Insomnia for Tinctura insomnia (6 plants) and Nervous for Tinctura Nervina (5). Their real package was kinda awful, so I decided to redesign them for my pleasure since they help me sleep.