Shiratori Department House, founded in 2014, the owner is a couple of plant life, the park is dominated by Liliaceae (Liliaceae), the so-called “seed” refers to the first-hand cultivation from flower arrangement to sowing and cultivation. Every plant is The unique shape, color, cultivation and planting is another interpretation of aesthetics for the white boss who has a background in architecture. Creation makes life more promising. Regarding the word “handsome” when the logo was first received, I was a little puzzled at the time, but it seemed to know what (?). Through a period of understanding, the word “handsome” should be behind Shuai. They are all nurturing, and it takes a longer time to grow compared to removing side buds and beheading, but the unique patterns in the market are also produced in this way. I think this should also be a kind of persistent “handsome”. Therefore, we set up the concept of “planting pot pattern” with the keyword “real life”, and use the container to carry the plant type expression. Within the framework of this container, we create infinite possible beauty. Considering the use of the logo, it can be as small as a flower card and as large as a flag.