Fengyuan 36 li | 6 li font design

A Japanese-style building, the Dingjie police station that existed in 1930, the space records history, a reading and writing, “The water is clear, the rice is white, and the water is checked.” Time understands life. The prosperity of the rice fields formed by the aggregation of water in the zhen, the same rice breeds hundreds of people. A zhen is rich in Fengyuan 36 li, which is rich in the development of Fengyuan cake industry and forestry industry. Prosperity, our perception of Fengyuan is no longer just snacks and beliefs. After 40 years of waiting, we can see the flow of life in Huludunzhen again. We will reorganize the things and things in Fengyuan, the memories and emotions left over here as the starting point for reading, and open up your sympathy for Zhenshui.