Superside Branding

Konsus is now Superside. Evolution waits for no one. And today we’re proud to present you with the next phase in our company’s continued growth. So we changed our name and look to align with what we had become: The world’s top team of international designers and creatives. The best place for ambitious designers to quickly learn and grow their careers. We come from a variety of backgrounds. We have eclectic tastes. We take pride in exceeding expectations and diversity is our strength. Our new brand visually reflects those ideas. From the squiggle that wiggles its way through our logo (that neverending “S” mirrors Superside’s always-on, always going work ethic) to the bold color choices we’ve made (can you say “radioactive green”?) and playful illustrations that add dynamism to our look, the new choices we’ve made just feel more like us. More human. More happy. More excited to get stuff done.