For Koreans of the past, wearing a hat was essential, and the daily routine of getting dressed in an orderly manner was considered important. Therefore, the values and symbolic meanings of the time were reflected upon the hats, and people would wear hats of various shapes and sizes to befit the occasion. A hat was viewed as putting the finishing touch to one’s attire and thus worn with the highest decorum. Through this process of refining attire, people sought to dignify themselves while developing a gracious attitude toward life. In this light, hats were a means of completing one’s nobility. The exhibition is comprised of three sections—“Dressing Properly” (significance of getting dressed in an orderly manner and hats made of diverse materials); “Observing Formality” (hats of various shapes, sizes, and style befitting the occasion); and “Dignifying Oneself” (hats for ceremonial rituals, outings, and daily life).