Dochwi: Superordinary Collectibles

‘Dochwi: A Guide to Discovering Superordinary Collectibles’ is a carefully curated project series that aims to offer practical guidance for people to immerse themselves in the charm of ceramics and moreover to embark on the joy of acquiring the wondrous beauties. Every edition, guided by a unique and dynamic theme, will present an in-depth introduction to the multi-dimensional spectrum of contemporary ceramics through exhibition and publication. ‘Imaginary Animals, Auspicious Companions’, the first edition of Dochwi, presents more than thirty works of six contemporary artists that reinterpret and recreate traditional iconography of imaginary and mythical creatures. CFC has developed the exhibition identity of ‘Dochwi’ and graphic design for the first edition; Imaginary Animals, Auspicious Companions. We developed a symbol that contains ceramics in the form of a combination of a three-dimensional space and a book, and a wordmark in which Korean and English are equally paired. The concept