The Other Time – Posters & Animated Posters

For the sixth time, the Albert Koechlin Foundation enables diverse cultural experiences in central Switzerland. They are dedicated to the topic of “The Other Time”. Various events, performances, productions, readings, concerts and walks will enrich Central Switzerland until the end of May 2019. A total of over 100 individual events take place. Almost all of Central Switzerland is featured, be it the Uri theater, a shop window at the Flüelen train station, the Chäslager Stans, the gravel pit in Ettiswil, the Titlis motor ship on Lake Lucerne, various churches and monasteries, the Viscosistadt and the akku art platform in Emmen or that KKL and the area between Kreuzstutz and Fluhmühle in Lucerne. The 17 productions impressively show the cultural diversity in the cantons around Lake Lucerne.