Mikkeli’s 12th Illustration Triennial

Visual identity for Mikkeli’s 12th Illustration Triennial ‍ Mikkeli’s 12th Illustration Triennial presented some of the best works by Finnish illustrators, and from the continuously changing and expanding field of contemporary illustration. The challenge was creating an identity that would encompass the breadth of today’s artists who create an astonishing diversity of illustrations across a spectrum of styles and genres. The letter “M” in the form of a brush stroke stood for “Mikkeli’s 12th Illustration Triennial” in the new wordmark, which had multiple variations representing different styles of illustration in the exhibition, from lush paint strokes to detailed vector illustration. Bringing an element of playfulness to the identity, the changing brush stroke was used as a bold, repetitive graphic element that was endlessly adaptable. A minimal black and white palette worked as a backdrop of the otherwise vibrant visual identity just like an empty canvas for an illustrator.