Dr. Fiscal

PROBLEM Dr. Fiscal, a brand belonging to GFBR, is a company that operates in the recovery of tax credits for Simples companies. The name is inspired by phrases quoted by professionals in the field, such as “take care of your company’s health” or “a company with healthy financials”. The briefing demanded an identity that was aimed at small and medium-sized retail entrepreneurs, who are part of Simples Nacional. SOLUTION A good project starts with a good naming strategy. In this case, the client’s merits, the name Dr. Fiscal attracts a visual universe full of themes related to health and medicine, but with the verbal identity adapted to the questions of the tax market. We suggest using a Gimmick to impersonate the Fiscal Doctor, and he was inspired by one of the members of the company that works directly in the business. Developed by Alopra Studio, the character helps in communicating the message, leaving the subject friendly and cool. Color, fonts and ide