SOLAR SYSTEM PACKAGING|Solar system cake gift box

SOLAR SYSTEM PACKAGING|The Mid-Autumn Festival of solar system shortbread gift boxes is an important traditional festival in the Chinese cultural circle and has a place in people’s hearts. At the same time, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a day of family reunion. People will bring pastries to their homes for dinner, reunion, and visit relatives and friends. They also eat certain foods, many of which are related to the moon and reunion. These foods are also sacrifices to the moon. For example, Chinese (Han), Vietnamese (Jing), and Ryukyu people all have the custom of eating moon cakes. With such a demand, there is fierce competition in packaging and promotion among the major cake shops. Over the years, we have seen many packaging designs endlessly. Each brand tries to achieve a different design to facilitate sales. ​​​​​One of our customers-Taiwan engaged in pastry making and sales requires a packaging design, this design is the “unique” of its products. We have proposed a non-traditional Chinese concept, that is, the modern and young Chinese market that introduces its own packaging design through design and captures Western thinking. The packaging vision is drawn by the analysis of the elements of the solar system, which constitutes a simple and powerful message that constitutes the entire vision, that is, the importance of considering the “gift from the distant universe” as “precious” behind the product. Gold and platinum are the main colors of the package, because we believe that this vision exudes a modern, artistic and somewhat humorous image. We mainly want to position the packaging between high-quality goods and collectibles. To achieve this goal, we used metal-like paper under the Alchemy series of Arjowiggings. As a finishing detail, we decided to use hot stamping to add layers to certain areas of the box. In order for each product to have its particularity, different boxes are presented with different colors of paper to distinguish different products. Designed to quickly identify products and easily deliver.