Rampa House / Estudio PKa

Casa Rampa is a single-family house located in the province of Buenos Aires, Escobar district, a few meters from the Río de la Plata. Respecting the implantation and the environment of the house using morphological strategies, by means of volumes and voids, were premises and structural axes for the concept and main idea of ​​the project. It is developed on two floors that in turn have half levels and based on the possibilities and opportunities offered by the environment, the different premises were planned, always capturing the best orientations, not only horizontal but also zenithal.

Context: Located in a natural context, it is implanted in and coexists with the environment which, through different operations, we try to communicate seamlessly with the interior. It has an introverted relationship towards the street and the air is constantly recirculated through different internal courtyards. We think of the totality of the project as a volume that with different operations is emptied to give place to direct communication with the exterior.