Images from

Yolo by Jared Jacob
Dragon by Pavel Maximov
Map navigation concept by Adrian Reznicek
Why Slack? by Gene Ross
Gray Wolf Games – Logo by Jord Riekwel
Dancing Fox Grickle Grass Festival Poster
J2 by George Bokhua
Number 5 by Roma Korolev (kaer logo)
Right Way Signs Print Brochure by Forefathers™
Workstation by Eddie Lobanovskiy
MM : Magnus Moan by Michael Spitz
Communique – Case Study by Britton Stipetic
Deer Logo by Rose Liang
22 by Luke Ritchie
poster making
Design Elixir by Nguyen Le
My Trip by Dea_n
Behance Logo Animation by Eduard Mykhailov
Play by Jiri Adamek
1<3 by George Bokhua
Attach Logo Design by Paulius Kairevicius
Exploring Opera Logo Animation by Ramotion
Discount Logotype by Paulius Kairevicius
Elephant Icon by Anna Rising
Google Play Redesign for Android
Uber Logo Animation by Nicolas Girard
Golden ratio logo by Andrew Becker
Faction Athlete Page
Travel by GISION
Fashion Details Page by Johan Adam Horn
Golife by Sencer
W³ Logo (Personal Branding) by Callum Watson
Bravura  by Bratus ™
Alloy: Logo animation. by Wanda Arca
Restaurant – Logo Template
Q Med by Ovidiu Sebastian Pop
Here is a small update on a landing page I posted last week. I will probably add more things but ...
Influencers Page by Mateusz Dembek
Clue by Leo Mühlfeld
Angry Panda by Jhon Ivan
Gravity Logo by Sophinie Som 🍵
SS by Michael Spitz
Red Factory – Logo Template
Devarium Brain construction grid by Sébastien Navizet
Collins Athletics
Working at some new templates
b by Kakha Kakhadzen
Think out of the Box by Surja Sen Das Raj
Waiting for season 7 by Eran Mendel
Design Exploration by Arjan Leeuwinga
FEFE – Perfume shop landing page by Robert Berki
Social Portal App by Rifayet Uday
Exercise logo by Dimitrije Mikovic
D E S I G N – Creativity is to discover
Slow Flo by Yeah Haus
Shoplove by Valery Gurkov
P+C by A11 Designs
BuyDig Logo by Miki Stefanoski
Fang & Bone by James Butterly
Hare Logo Concept by Sean Farrell
Mobile App Landing Page
Circled the H