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Outdoor Advert By ANGRY: Danger Might Be Invisible At First
Siberalem Print Advert By McCann: Bootie
Livrarias Curitiba Print Advert By Candy Shop: Knightley
Bookstores Curitiba Pitt By Candy Shop
Bulmers Print Advert By DDB: Live colourful, 2
Nike Print Advert By US Sydney: Kelly
MTS Print Advert By JWT: Granny
Mexican Transplant Association Print Advert By Publicis: Live twice
Presse Café Print Advert By Labase: Wake-up call
Doctors Without Borders Print Advert By John St: Scalpel
Inlingua Print Advert By Kolle Rebbe: English
FATH Print Advert By DDB: Heart
McDonald’s Print Advert By DDB: Wolverine
Black and Decker: Christmas tree
Sao Bernardo Plaza: Beetle blue
Arctic Gardens: Chili
Mexico Design: Finger
Sao Bernardo Plaza: Beetle yellow
Sao Bernardo Plaza: Beetle yellow
poster making
Fundación Vida Silvestre: Add the ring, 1
Foorire FM: Didier Risette
Apartments: Film One
Big Wood Beard Combs: Whiskey
Toys R Us: Lego Competition
Clowns Without Borders: Donate smiles
Ogilvy Creative School: Saki
Ottawa International Animation Festival: Let it out, 2
Nike: Kelly
National Geographic: Wildlife
Mexican Transplant Association: Live twice
Loto Libanais: Balls
Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Lomonosov Moscow State University
Cut to fit your face: Götte Customized Eyewear
Playland: Dentist | Ads of the World™
Festival Claro 2014: Girl
Stories!: Doubleheads, 1
Alka Seltzer: Marlin
PS2: Girlfriend, 1 | Ads of the World™
In Its Halloween Ad, Pepsi Dresses Up As Coca-Cola
Kingdom Of Sports: Fat can’t hide, Worker
Schusev State Museum of Architecture: Saint Basil’s Cathedral | Ads of the World™
Ariel: Bright white | Ads of the World™
Food & Wine festival
Lego: Whale
Specsavers: Scooter
Sportlife: Water fits you
Italiana: Night is a journey
Stimol: The crown of thorns
Woman’s Room: Stand strong