vikka 2015 AUGUST vol.20
Khloe – Animated Instagram Stories
Typography Poster Design
Row52 Re-design by Dylan Opet
Visual Identity for a Transdisciplinary Biennal
Deer by Mykola Striletc
Peony Tattoo by Paul Amerson
I am frequency
The Space Lady / Nikolaienko / Papiro / Chillchilla
Faction Athlete Page by Ross Legacy
Forma Festival Poland, 2015
House Poster addiction
Thank You For Shopping Here – Complex 23
Study Design in Berlin
Furies Festival Elodie Laporte
KRFT adds two-tone brick theatre to Singer Laren museum
CLUSTERBOMB conquers Patriot Hall, Edinburgh
Be Excellent to Each Other by Andy Forshaw
Global Warning
The Witch Poster
Auction of Things, 2015
Sulki & Min / APAP / Anyang Public Art Project / Poster
Creative Politics
‘16 Bunker, Cultural & Music Festival ‘Poster
Out of Balance – Critique of the Present: Colloquium
When I haven’t any blue I use red – but does it float
We Don’t Live For Money
YY06 Hamamatsuch.
MONO & Co / Studio Branding
Double E by Amarpreet Singh
4×4 Park by Philipp Mayakov
TJS Photography by Mike Bruner
Streetmeet 2017 © Kapuze
Newbie © Sven Wagenbach
Yuna Style Showroom
Basketball Tournament Poster
Waao Architecture Center of Lille
Pofo – Minimal Portfolio
Designer DNA by Logo Lagoon
17 My Thoughts Have Been Replaced by Moving Images
Mamut Art Project, Turkey 2015
Puma – Minimalist Print Ads
Brilon Font
Minimal Marks & Logos by Kareem Magdi
SA Logo Grid  by Kareem Magdi
Six Ventures by Kakha Kakhadzen
Launch by @warsopdesign @jordantrofan⠀
Max Snow Black Magic Poster, Betherlands
The Surprise 1 Greece
Lightning Bolt logo by Colin Stewart
The Conjuring Horror Movie
Creative Politics
simply art. / Inspiring Interior
An American Werewolf in London by We Buy Your Kids
The Thing (1982) Movie Poster
Gaming logo design by @skiraila
Design the official poster for Lexus Short Films