Human Arrow by Ashwin Kandan
General Atlantic Poster by Ashwin Kandan
Countdown to One Poster by Ashwin Kandan
Al Ansari catalogue by Ashwin Kandan
Al Ansari Catalogue by Ashwin Kandan
NRV Booklet by Ashwin Kandan
One World. One Vision Poster by Ashwin Kandan
Photo Management Application
Bakin’ Cabin layout
SEO, blue, green, layout, concept, web design
blue, yellow, concept, layout, web design,
dark, yellow, concept, layout
Newstoday by Vlad Musienko
minimal, minimalist, layout, concept
layout, block, concept, red
red, landing, #concept, layout,
layout, dark, concept, music, video
Session 6
MAD – Graphic Design & Typography
MAD – Graphic Design & Typography
MAD – Graphic Design & Typography
Minimal, #fashion, concept
clean, layout, concept, shape
grid, simple, clean
Mustard Seed — There I go, making shit up again….nrbtw.
Trouble II Poster mock up by Mustard Seed
The October Incident by Mustard Seed
magazine, minimalist, red, block, #layout
red, blue, layout, concept, web design, event, conference
pink, #concept, magazine, blog, layout, dark, fashion
clean, layout, concept, catering
magazine, grid, red, layout
yellow, blue concept, layout
color, blue, red, block, layout, adobe muse
minimal, gray, simple, grid, layout
block, grid, concept, layout
red, clean, concept, layout
yellow, concept, #layout, modern, creative
blue, #layout
yellow, one page, #concept, #layout, muse, shape
grid, header, concept, layout, zine
colors, flat, layout, concept
dark, orange
red, flat, simple, one page, concept, layout
dark, concept, layout, contrast, red
minimalist, magazine, #fashion