Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind by Cody Bond
Ternal Sunshine of The Spotless mind – Poster Illustration
Fox shield logo idea design made by kreatank
I Am Watching You Kindle Edition by Teresa Driscoll
Visual Language by Surja Sen Das Raj
A Place Beyond The Pines (2012)
Food Spaces – France, 2017
Monotales – Switzerland
Citadel, poster designed by Studio KXX (2013)
42×60 – Artistic Poster Workshop by Marcelo Batista de Oliveira
Châtelet Musical Theater of Paris
Free Wallpapers // You Got This, Girl!
Wellbeing illustrations by Anna Rudak
‘The Futures’ by Anna Pitoniak
Design Army Fashions Rebrand For Optician
The Diva • Annecy Italian Film Festival 2017
APOCALYPSE NOW / Vector Movie Posters
RAGING BULL / Vector Movie Posters
MULHOLLAND DRIVE / Vector Movie Posters vol.2
Pop Poster Art
Exhibition: Luba Lukova
Dechen Shan – Dagsay – Zurich Chamber Orchestra
Poster Design – 2017 Cinema Xenix
Fake Asian Street Food
Mohsin Hamid – ‘Exit West’ (2017)
New Works Festival
Palco Alma Londrina 2016
The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017)
Call Me by Your Name Poster
Sebastian Onufszak
Scalon Magazine
Villa Fontana 22 years
ING Creatives Festival
“Inspired” for NeoCon wall installation by Josh Kulchar
Bouroullec Created Losanges
Atomic Blonde by Claudio Tosi
Various Illustrations @ 2017 by Mateusz Lengling
Golden Rules | Iconoclast by Marcelo Rizerio
The Godfather Movie Poster
Finally Fifteen OFFF 2015
Get Out by edgarascensao
New Catalog by GTV
DO IT YOUR WAY. Polish Design in Pieces by Paweł Jońca
Auction of Things, 2015 Mus-e, Campo & Unaffordable
02 C-Mine UpCycling Week Belgium, 2016
Foss Sofa by Erla Solveig Oskarsdottir
Making (Series) Australia, 2013
3rd Edition of Teatrando by atelier d’alves
Artsy Fashion: Lisette + Natalie for Elle Mexico by Elliot & Erick
Jose Romussi, Photo Embroidery/sewing
Vinyl Riot, Summer 2013, #5
Simple Festive Christmas Acrylic Nail Designs for Winter
London Fashion Week Poster
Beautiful Wolf Tattoo Design ideas
Communication Poster of the KRAFT Festival N ° 1
Tengu Soundsystem Poster & flyer, 2015
Paris – Roubaix by Amandine Kolly