“WIELCY ODKRYWCY” book illustrations
Typography Sketchbooks by Steven Heller
Touch By Courtney Maum
Penguin Random House – Book Cover for Bone Jack by Sara Crowe
Al Ansari Catalogue by Ashwin Kandan
CUTS, little pain Chronicles
Women In Power / Thesis Proposal
Book mockups
CABINS BOOK – illustrations
There is a Line Book
Kids, books, and all the imagination that goes with it.
A Clockwork Orange
* Wonderfull stories *
Mobile Book Reader App UI PSD
Mind Your Monsters
Brand Identity for Little Black Book by Freytag Anderson – BP&O
Fundalectura by luisa uribe
The chameleon cat / Kot kameleon
Roy G. Biv. Book Design for Bloomsbury. Co-Designers: James Bamford, Jason Arias, and John Custer.
Book Design
Livre de photos
Session 6
Branding for ebook distributor Booki.sh by September Industry.
The Book Tower House by Platform 5 Architects