Prelude Music Festival / Posters

Posters for Contemporary Classical Oriental Music Festival It all started with Ryuichi Sakamoto – Energy Flow I sought to achieve a solemn and nostalgic atmosphere. The Oriental culture and music is closely related to nature and based on that I designed the graphic system. I made some hand made figures alluding to the idea of something traditional, the idea of ink, of something antique. To refer to the nuances of sounds and the tone of each note, I worked with gradients and photographs of mountains that get lost in the fog. To develop the concept of the festival I relied on this quote by Toru Takemitsu (he was a music composer, who explored the principles of own musical composition in Western classical music and traditional Japanese music.) “A sound is definitely something alive. It’s like nature, which has no individuality. As the changes of wind and water are complex, a sound is rich or poor. That depends on how our sensibilities accept sound. We composers should not assume an arrogant attitude toward the sound, because we write music together with sounds.”