There is a Line Solo Show

Illustration and Photography exhibition by Sara Westermann 28 Sep – 30 Oct at 119 Lower Clapton, London Cooked up by The Portuguese Conspiracy This event is part of Clapton Festival – The boundaries between reality and imagination drawn by a line A line can separate something from something else, but it can also keep them closely together. Moving in different directions, never touching or sometimes by mere chance or premeditated fortune collide and meld as one single thing, one single entity that was once separated by a line, so closely together. Sometimes they can be blurred, like life, by the choices we make, the paths we take and the lines we choose to cross or walk alongside. Lines can crack like thunder, and like a slow stream of water turns into a mighty river, they can give way to bursts of imagination. There is a line that separates thoughts from spoken words, a line that becomes a sound where once was silence. There is a line as night is dark and day is light There is a line where water meets land There is a line drawn in the sand That can never be erased – All illustrations were made in the Summer 2013, between the burning sun of Cabo de Gata, Spain and Porto, Portugal.