An I Dew Care mini mask trio in three ice cream-inspired formulas for giving them PLENTY of self-care Sundays all on your (cheap!) dime. Each mask offers its own benefits: “Berry Groovy” brightens with glycolic acid, raspberry extract, and strawberry seeds, “Matcha Mood” soothes with green tea and vitamin B3, and “Cake My Day” hydrates with rainbow sprinkles and a fun birthday cake-scented formula.

Promising review: “I didn’t think these would work. I mean they are silly, you know? But I tried one last night, before my shower, and oh my God the results. I’m 17 years old, with very dry skin — my skin is usually sensitive. My nose is usually full of blackheads, the pores are always open and ‘scratchy’ because of the blackheads coming off. But I woke up this morning, and felt my nose and it’s SMOOTH. Like…REALLY SMOOTH. And I know I sound dramatic. But for a couple years I’ve been trying to treat this and this is the ONLY product that has actually shown results and it’s literally the first try. I am going to buy this again.” —Tori MagallanesGet a set of three from Amazon for $18.