The Modern Era. Part 2. (April 2017)

I am glad to present our new project – penthouse in the residential complex “Italian Quarter”. Customers, a young couple with two children, saw their future apartment lightfull, soaked in a quiet, modernized classic style. But most importantly – they were not against experiments and our personal preferences in design largely coincided. Despite this, we can say that work on this project has become a real challenge, both in the technical and in the stylistic sense. Complex architecture of the space put its limitations, provoked us to unusual solutions, and the chosen design direction, wich combine different directions of the modern 70’s and classics, forced us to think hardly and weigh every detail of the interior. And while this apartment, going to be realized, we suggest you enjoy its future view in 3d. Enjoy watching! Altera Pars Design Studio Design: Urgalkin Vladimir Visualization: Urgalkin Vladimir. Modeling: Vladimir Urgalkin, Vitaliy Bydantsev Soft: 3ds MAX, Corona render, Photoshop 2016 april.