From my childhood I as told that 8th of March (people from CIS will understand) is the day of women: day of femininity, beauty. We wore beautiful dresses, makeups, gave each others flowers… I grew up and understood that 8th of March more than that “flowery” holiday. I understood that it is kind of a kindly sexism: a woman is supposed to be some kind of sexual aesthetic object, like some kind of vase or flower, to decorate herself, to please the eye, to be responsible for some emotional needs of society and men, always smile, be quiet, gentle, please a man. International Women’s Day was intended to recall the contribution of women to the struggle for equality, for the right to vote, to be elected as president, for labor rights, and so on. So I thought it was the perfect time to share new font “Feminist” to celebrate feminism and the fight for gender equality.