Madison Beauty Bar

An interesting project in the heart of Odessa is created by YODEZEEN! From the original construction we left high ceilings, some decor elements and brickwork, which we cleaned and primed so that it fits into the interior
The concept of design assumed two halls – a bar and a salon directly, both white, which were connected by a black corridor, that there was a bathroom and utility rooms
The accent of the establishment was a metal arch, which we left from the original building. We cleaned it, painted it and modernized it. Also there can not be unnoticed a custom chandelier above the bar, which consists of balls and copper. This is how copper and the combination of white and black create the tone of this space
A special charm attached cantilever tabletops, velvet curtains in terracotta color and a bar counter. A bar is cut into the showcase, which continues to the summer terrace. The facade windows, which we also customarily replaced, separate the bar area
In this project, we used many custom elements, including the work of the studio PLAN B, granite marble and copper elements in the design
⬛ Location: Odessa | Ukraine
???? Area: 55,8 m2
⬛ YODEZEEN team: Artur Sharf, Artem Zverev, Kristina Galuyta