NEWINDS 2017 by Karolis Strautniekas

I’m very proud to present to you the poster and animation for the 22nd Vilnius Film Festival. One of the main goals here was to pay a particular attention to up and coming talents and names in this year’s festival. New winds mean new impressions that cinema brings us. They lift us higher, mess our hair and thoughts. Wake us up. And it’s not just imagery. One the one hand, it’s just a gust of wind that frizzes up your hairstyle, but it’s also, and most importantly, a new thought that is born in your head that is somewhat dramatic. It reflects the current anxiety in the world around us. It’s these echoes and images that the new winds bring to us. The winds that awaken ideas. I’m very grateful to the festival organisers for the trust and the playground they gave me in which I could create undistracted.