SK1N DEEP – Racism Campaign

This project was created for a CIU assignment and is a a SPEC poster design (Fornicated designs). The Poster design was to be made to act as a standpoint or to make a statement towards racism and racist stereotypes within Australia. The posters were to be placed in multiple formats across the Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne’s CBD’s to support the message and raise the awareness of casual criticism/stereotypes towards ethnic backgrounds. The posters were based off of pantone colour chart design style (the layout of pantone design), which work behind the meaning of the poster. The Pantone style mixed with a racial stereotype campaign mix together in harmony as pantones are used to evaluate colour. Poster style can be seen as a window to the person’s personality and how people or society see them. The stereotypes which are placed at the bottom of the colour reader/window are used in a colour code format; for example, “R4C15M IS B4D” and explain various stereotypes that are used against that specific ethnic person’s background – You are seeing their life through a window and what they are getting called, and stereotypes against because of their colour. The two sentences above and below the poster state, – “Stop using labels against PEOPLE”, concluding with the final “I am more than what you see. My race is humanity.” This statement finalizes the poster and says in simpler terms “we are all the same, no matter what colour. We as humanity, no matter the racial background are the same.” With this poster, the goal was to spread awareness to the community and slowly open up the public to this ideology – or lifestyle of equality which we lack. Our society has grown accustomed to terms for certain races, so much so that a simple image of a non western man or woman can tell a story of their social class, economic status and the way they live their lives. When objectively, these assumptions can be so far off the truth that it insults the individuals that identifies under that race or culture. The posters were made to target these with simple words and terms that can cause an emotional response and make them something our society recognises as insults instead of jesterly or derogatory terms. Before assuming and labelling, in any form, first there must be some prior information and knowledge on that topic. And even then, standardizing ANY culture with one word is wrong. Your colour is not your ethnicity. Your complexion is not your history. Race is only SKIN DEEP. ‘All together Now’ – brand identity was used in this marketing campaign, and is used as spec purposes and not to breach rights of service to brand. All rights are reserved to the original brand.