The New Happy on Instagram: “Learning is never a straightforward path. It inevitably included forgetting what you just learned, struggling to practice, having flashes of insight, the testing of it through challenging circumstances, feeling like you’re taking a massive step back, over and over again. So many people beat themselves up for this, but it’s the natural process; it’s just how we change, with attempts and setbacks and re-learning. We can only come to really learn and embody a piece of knowledge by going through these often-frustrating and maddening steps — but the process in and of itself can be a great and powerful teacher, if we acknowledge it and embrace it for the natural, beautiful unfolding of our growth that it is. And even though we are speaking of it like there is an end point of full embodiment, the truth is the journey never ends: life continually gives us new chances to extend and deepen our character, to grow as people in the direction that is deeply meaningful to us. What’s something important you’ve been learning lately? ❤️”