Do you need to know how to download videos from Instagram? Here we give you all the options, tools, and step-by-step guides.

You have come this far to know how to download Instagram videos that you do not want to lose sight of. They can be visible posts from other accounts that you follow and whose content you want to have in your mobile gallery. Or you can even download private Instagram videos shared via Instagram Direct, so they don’t disappear. Well, you’ve found the article that will answer all these questions and will teach you how to download all those Instagram videos you need. But let’s go by parts. Follow the steps in the following sections and, most importantly, keep in mind that there are private Instagram videos that must remain private. Sharing content or profiting from other people’s videos is punishable by law.
One of the common requests from Instagram and Instagram Direct users is how to download private videos from Instagram. And it is that many of these contents are anchored to the chat or conversation without there being an option to have them see them whenever we want, even less if they are videos that self-destruct after seeing them only once. How to download these private Instagram videos? Well, there are several options:

If we talk about videos on walls, Instagram Reels, or Stories of a private account for us, I am afraid that there is no way to get hold of this content. Only if we have access to that account, even if it’s private, by becoming friends or followers, can we take advantage of this trick. If it is private for us, Instagram ensures that nothing and no one can do with that content.
If we talk about private Instagram Direct videos, which are not published on walls but rather shared through chats, there are a couple of options. Of course, you should know that Instagram can notify the other person in the chat that you have made the video. Currently, the trick that we are going to tell you about does not trigger this alarm, but it can change at any time.

The simplest and most efficient trick would be to record the video that has been shared with you privately, whether it self-destructs or not, with another mobile. In this way, Instagram will not know that it has been recorded, and you will have a copy, with somewhat less quality, but without anyone knowing anything.
The other trick, from your own mobile, is somewhat more complex. Follow these steps:
1. Open the ephemeral video that was sent to you via Instagram Direct.
2. Quickly after, activate the Airplane mode of your mobile to avoid any connection to the Internet.
3. Now make the video capture. It can be a photo or screen recording to have the video of everything that appears on the screen.
4. Once you finish capturing and exit the ephemeral video, you can turn off airplane mode and reconnect your mobile to the Internet.
This way, you will have a copy of the private video without alerting the other person. Instagram should not detect this way of capturing the video and will not notify you that the content has been captured. But remember that if it is a private video, you will not be able to share it as it is content protected by law.
Usually, the tricks to download videos from Instagram require applications and programs for the computer with which to investigate the account in question and get hold of that content. Well, there are more comfortable formulas in which you won’t have to install anything at all. They are web pages or online services that do all the dirty work without you having to download anything to your mobile or computer. Just the video you’re looking for.
• Download videos from: from this web page, you can download any Instagram video that is public and has a URL or address. And you can do it directly from your mobile.
• Savefrom: it is another valid alternative both from a computer or mobile, although, from the latter, it is more complicated to download videos from IGTV. The operation is identical and very simple.
With these two alternatives, you’ll already have two good resources at hand to download videos from Instagram without programs or applications. It does not matter if you do it from the mobile or from the computer. Also, the process is the same for both pages.
1. Go to the Instagram post you want to download.
2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner to copy the address or URL of the video. With this, you will have in your clipboard the address in the question of that video.
3. Go to the web page of your choice to download an Instagram video and paste the address of the content.
4. Then select the download option once the web page has done the work.
5. Ready. You already have a file with the video of the Instagram post but are available to see as many times as you want from the gallery of your mobile or computer. Or to edit or share it in other ways.
When we talk about downloading instagram stories , we must attend to another trick or technique. And it is that they are different contents to the videos published in a profile. In addition to being videos that will only be exposed for 24 hours, they usually do not have a download link. But no problem, there are tools to download all the stories of a user. That yes, as long as your account is accessible to us. Or what is the same, as long as it is not private.
If you don’t want to download anything to your mobile or you want to download Instagram Stories from your computer, you can use a web service like Here you will only have to indicate the name of the account whose stories you want to see and download. By entering it, you will be able to see the different Instagram videos and click on the Save button under each Story to download it to your computer. So there will be no problem with its disappearance after 24 hours.
The other option is to use one of the available applications for this same task from the comfort of your mobile. One of them is also called Story Saver, and it has extra options such as downloading photos and videos of profiles that interest us, in addition to the aforementioned stories. You just have to log in with your Instagram account to see all those accounts you follow. Then click on the account you want to download Instagram videos from and choose from the available tabs. You will be able to download Instagram videos from the feed, current stories, or even IGTV videos. Click on the chosen one and download.
With all this, you will know how to download videos from Instagram, whether they are private videos from Instagram Direct, Instagram Stories, and even Reels or IGTV videos. All this for free and without problems. Of course, remember that private videos and private accounts are not accessible.