Cuervo Café. SS21

Cuervo is a Specialty Coffee Brand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This is our fourth year with them and also our forth campaign. Cuervo has 3 shops now and more are on their way. Growth always presents a challenge. How do you keep the human side of things when you are becoming a big business? How do you stay at the crest of the wave when sharks are coming? What do you do when things get crowded? These are all questions that we asked ourselves and here are some of the answers: Do the Unthinkable, Be Smart, Be Wry, Stay Fresh and; most important of all, Stay Human. If something isn’t broken, do a kick-flip; and that’s exactly what we did here. No more beautiful coffee cup illustrations or overly cute coffee iconography. No more specialty method diagram or flavor chart. This campaign is a gift for the people that make Cuervo be Cuervo. The people that run the shops, the people that work the shops and its colorful audience.