Scott Froschauer – “Attention Oh Sorry Nevermind” – Contemporary Street Sign Sculpture

Scott Froschauer is an experimental artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, where his primary focus is exploring new spaces and techniques for communication. This series “Word on the Street”, Scott takes the familiar shape, color and type face of everyday street signs and changes the language. The language in ordinary signage is abrupt and standoffish, whereas Froschauer presents the viewer with a positive affirmation, rather than a warning. These are available in regular street sign size. All of Scott Froschauer artworks are suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. WITH EVERY PURCHASE OF THESE WORKS THE SIGN COMES WITH A WALL MOUNT SUITABLE FOR INDOORS AND OUTDOORS USE. Clients can choose one of the ADDITIONAL following hanging / display options -AN ADDITIONAL SHIPPING FEE IS NECESSARY IF CHOOSING OTHER THAN THE WALL MOUNT 1. Exterior installation – a 2’ long sleeve can be provided to sink into ground ( installation by clients ) and can be cemented into position for permanent ground installation and pole 8’ or 10’ tall (2’ of pole is sunk into sleeve in the ground). Pole weight 10lbs. 2. Interior installation with a steel base weighing 30lbs and pole lengths 6’ or 8’ available. – pole weight 10lbs. Complimentary shipping for all wall hanging signs (12″ x 18″ )in Continental US. Additional shipping fees will be applied for poles or bases, outside of California. Available sizes: 12″ x 18″: $325 24″ x 36”: $3,220