Spirit of Night Beautiful Woman Stars, Vintage 19th Century Art Decor, Digital Download Art Nouveau Celestial Dark Printable Painting Poster – Etsy

Title: “Spirit of Night 1” Highlight: Digital download, 2 High Resolution Digital files- 4×5 and 11×14, 1 PDF with 3 links to large (over the 20 mgb) High resolution jpgs in various ratios Looking to add a touch of classical beauty to your home? Then look at this wonderful Art Nouveau piece. Art Nouveau is an organic style popular between 1890-1910. This art piece is of the Spirit of Night, a beautiful woman floating in a colorful celestial scene. Her red hair and dress flow through the night. It is in the style of artist Alphonse Mucha. Framed in an intricate border design and flowing line work. This colorful piece of blues and red/orange has a great sense of movement. This piece will brighten up any space. This art piece has been created with the use of AI art techniques and digital painting techniques to give the final product an authentic and vintage feel. I digitally hand paint these works to clarify and refine the finished product. This artwork can be a perfect addition to your living space, bedroom, or home office. The best part? You can instantly download and print the digital file in the comfort of your own home, making it a cost-effective and easy way to add beauty to your life. The print-friendly CMYK 300dpi image is available in five high-quality JPG files in different ratios via 2 digital downloads and 3 links on a PDF file so you can choose the size that fits your decor. The file comes in 5 different ratios/sizes for easy resizing, including 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, ISO ratio international size, and 11×14. After purchase, the digital files are accessible through your Etsy profile. The 3 jpg will be provided via a links on a PDF file. 2 jpgs will be download via Etsy. The large file sizes are perfect for large prints and ensure the best printing quality. Please note that this is not a physical item, and nothing is shipped or emailed. Add a touch of vintage Art Nouveau charm to your home with this stunning digital art print. If you have any questions or problems with printing, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing Wonder Seasons Art! I have left white bars on sides of the art so when fitting the painting into different ratios the art was not distorted or cropped. You see this on art prints and posters. Download details: 1 pdf file with links to 3 CMYK 300 dpi jpg files in different ratios/sizes. 2 jpg files via etsy You will get 1 jpg in each of these 5 ratios which allow you to resize the image: 2×3 ratio = 20×30, 16×24,12×18,6×9 3×4 ratio = 18×24, 12 x16, 9×12, 6×8, 3×4 4×5 ratio = 16×20, 8×10 ISO ratio international size = A2, A3, A4, A5 11×14 ratio