Sherman Display Typeface

Sherman is soft yet assertive, a gentle giant in the world of Typefaces. Drawn to give headlines a confident and imposing base – while still feeling warm and friendly. Sherman is brings its own personality to the world of tall typefaces, with sleek slanted terminals and optical adjustments to balance big away from heavy. Sherman supports many latin languages (including Vietnamese) and can handle all European languages. It is an all caps font, that performs best at large sizes. It’s ideal for headlines, titles, signage, branding and strong designs that require a big impact. Its rounded ink traps and softened edges make it great for use in print or pixels. Any questions or custom license queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch, [email protected] Sherman gets its name from General Sherman, the worlds largest known living tree, located in Sequoia National Park. The italic serif font used in the mockups is Larken, one of my other typefaces available.