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Hello, we are Confused. And I’m sure you are to. We are currently living in a very unusual and uncertain time. Covid-19 has effected us all, from our jobs, our family to our friends. During this time of isolation we believe it is really important to have a good routine. For us that always, starts with coffee. Confused Coffee Co. Is a concept roastery and coffee shop based in Edinburgh, which was due to open until Covid-19 changed everything. But we are all about turning a negative into a positive. So instead of you coming to us, we will come to you. Our online store sells everything you need to set up the perfect coffee routine, right at home, put together in a perfect care package. For us, taking the time to make your perfect cup of coffee, is a form of meditation, sets the intentions for the day, and gives you time to breath and reflect, this form of mindfulness and routine