Wayfinding in ABB’s new office in Kraków

Before the ABB company moved into a new office in Kraków, they asked us to design a complete wayfinding system. We’ve assumed the signs must all be clear, readable, and coherent with ABB brand guidelines. Another challenge was to adjust the design to interiors’ style and architecture. To do that we’ve created a system of signs that were easy to group. They were also scalable and — regardless of role and meaning — looked like a unity at a glance. We’ve designed informational and directional signs big enough to assure it’s clearly visible. To make sure they will not dominate the space we’ve taken care to make them lightweight. Step by step At first we have produced a temporary signage using unsustainable materials. After putting the building into operation, we have checked the system visibility in a target lighting. After a month of using the office, we’ve collected the ABB’s team opinion and then conducted a few final adjustments.