CoCo Duke X China Aerospace X Design

Our “Coco month in base” as the main concept design of the CoCo 2021 years Mid-Autumn Festival gift, which is based on a joint Chinese aerospace and aerospace-burning, and we hope our country can be reflected in posted on the gift box The related achievements made in the monthly career are thus more memorable. We collected materials for many times around the theme, and finally selected the materials related to the moon landing of Chang’e 5 in 2020 as the main design content, and created a mysterious atmosphere of science fiction unknown in space through graphic design and text layout. The overall color of the gift box is mainly silver and black, with a drawer-like packaging structure and an orange acrylic lid. During the unpacking experience, the color of the gift box ranges from black and white to colorful, just like exploring on the moon, which brings surprises to people.