ARVO festival 2019

Save save the Brazilianness! ⁃ ARVO festival 2019 Our first challenge as a studio was to face the 5th edition of Arvo festival, which has been growing beautifully here in Florianopolis. The event that has already brought to the island of magic Castelo Branco, Dingo Bells, Academia da Berlinda, Trombone de Frutas and other very Brazilian names, brings in this edition big names such as Luedji Luna, B Negão and Frequency Selectors, Lamparina ea Primavera and Tuyo, plus a lineup of heavyweight dj’s to complete! Visually, we represent Brazil with a more solid and geometric look, but without losing the swing. Inspired by Oswald de Andrade and the anthropophagic movement, Athos bulcão and Burle Marx, and by the brushstrokes and vernacular typography of Floripa’s fishing boats, in addition to the fauna and flora of Santa Satarina, we brought a geometric look that blends with textures and layers to compose and organize communication. Save save the Brazilianness!